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Processing of personal data by using cookies

This website uses cookies which may lead to the processing of personal data. We recommend that you read our Privacy Policy, which describes our processing activities and your user rights.

What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a compact data file stored on your computer, tablet, or mobile device. It is important to note that a cookie is not a software application and does not carry malicious software or viruses.

How/why the website uses cookies

Cookies are essential for the functionality of the website. They enable us to monitor your interactions with the site, allowing for continuous optimization and customization to suit your needs and interests. Cookies, for instance, remember items you may have placed in a shopping cart, whether you have visited the site before, your login status, and your language preferences. Additionally, cookies are utilized to tailor advertising to your interests. Broadly speaking, cookies are employed within our services to ensure that the content presented to you is as relevant as possible.

How long are cookies saved?

You have the option to decline cookies on your computer, tablet, or phone by modifying the settings in your browser. The location of these settings varies depending on the browser you use. Please note that altering these settings may restrict access to certain functionalities and services that depend on the website’s ability to recall your previous choices.

Additionally, you may opt out of accepting cookies from certain advertising networks that distribute information across multiple networks by clicking here.

Deleting cookies

You can opt out of the use of cookies at any time by adjusting your browser settings appropriately. For guidance on how to do this, please refer to the instructions available here:

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Modzilla Firefox

Google Chrome



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Please note: If you use multiple browsers, you will need to delete cookies from each one individually.

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